Go Green with LED Grow Lights


LED Grow lights are the latest trend in lights. Though they’re more expensive than high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights and compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), they’re advantages weigh more, bringing them to the top. Here are the upsides of LED lights for gardening:

Healthy plants


We can’t be sure about most claims on the internet, but we can be sure about getting healthier plants if we use these lights. Under LED grow lights, photosynthetic processes are more effective. Your plants will surely grow to be healthy and produce a greater yield.

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LED lights generate lower heat compared to other light bulbs we know. This means it doesn’t build up heat light HPS or metal halide lights which build up heat when used in a long period. LED lights don’t give off a lot of heat, thereby decreasing environmental temperature and humidity especially in a greenhouse structure. Because of this advantage, LED grow lights don’t require additional ventilation for the circulation of air. LED lights do not need extra equipment to cool the environment to avoid excessive heat or damage to the plants. Instead, they can be controlled by growers. They also release less thermal output and maintain indoor atmospheres.


Because they emit less heat, that means you can save water and fertilizer too, allowing you to avoid burnt plants. LED lights save your money by not demanding fans and other cooling equipment too.


Your plants need constant lighting to grow and bloom, which means energy and light lifetime are signficant. Thanks to LEDs, you won’t have to worry about the two! LEDs are made with quality, industrial grade components which are far more efficient and consume less power than previous generation light bulbs. They even have long lifespans and can work efficiently for nearly 10 years without needing replacement or upgrade! If you really wish to save energy and money, let LEDs shine in your indoor garden as soon as possible!

Environmental Sustainability

Lastly, LED grow lights are almost always 100% recyclable because they do not contain toxic substances likes mercury. With these lights, we can contribute to a greener, more sustainable planet! Check out this video we found in YouTube and you’ll see why LED lights are better for your indoor garden:

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