5 Ways to Promote Sustainability

vegetables fruits garden basket

Think before you shop

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To live more sustainably, aim to buy only the things you truly need. If you buy non-biodegradable products, make sure you can recycle and reuse them too, so you don’t end up contributing to the increase of landfill sites. Also, think about durability. Are the ones you’re purchasing sturdy enough to prevent you from throwing it after just a few uses? Consider a spotting scope. If you’re going to buy one, invest in a quality one like the Celestron 52252, so you don’t dispose of it quickly. Reduce the number of products you usually buy and stick with what you only need. This is also an effective way to save money!

Grow food

vegetables fruits garden basket

Grow your own fruits and vegetables. Growing your own food can help decrease your carbon footprint and lower harmful environmental impacts because we all know food sold in grocery stores aren’t always produced using sustainable methods. Besides, growing your own food has lots of benefits—the food is healthier compared to the ones in supermarkets; you can work out while staying at home; your kitchen waste can be recycled and serve as fertilizer, and you can become more compassionate to nature and people. Gardening has more benefits than you actually think.

Save energy

Cut your electric and water bills by conserving energy and water! Don’t allow that leaking faucet to continue wasting water. Turn off the air conditioner if you’re not in the room. Switch off the appliances and remove their plugs if they’re not in use. If everyone starts in their homes, it will lead to the decrease of global carbon footprints.

Plant trees

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Trees are significant because they enhance the quality of air around us by drawing in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. In fact, a tree of regular size can cleanse nearly 330 pounds of carbon dioxide while giving off oxygen for a community each year. Trees also help us in our fight against climate change and natural catastrophes.

Reduce car usage

Once in a while, it’s best to use public transport to lessen your transportation costs and the carbon emissions generated by your vehicle. Be part of the movement to improve the quality of air by taking a bus from time to time.

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