3 Sustainable Hardwoods for Jigsaw Projects


Sugar Maple Tree



This sturdy hardwood is known not only for its strength but also for its natural ability to be water-resistant. White oak is everywhere—whether indoors and outdoors. This wood varies from light to dark brown and is abundant in tannins and straight-grained with long rays which contribute to figuring. It’s one of the most well-known choices for cabinets, flooring, and home furnishings. It’s also used to build barrels, boats, and bridges. Red oak, on the other hand, varies from pink to reddish-brown and mostly has straight grains with little figuring. However, it isn’t ideal for outdoor use. So there you have it. If your jigsaw project will be used outdoors, better use white oak instead of its cousin.



Sugar Maple Tree

Maple is another durable, all-around wood that comes in soft and hard varieties. Soft maples can be identified by pressing your fingernail into the surface of the maple wood. If your fingernail leaves a mark, then it’s soft. Meanwhile, hard ones are formed by sugar maple which is also recognized for a white sapwood. Red and silver maples also have the qualities of hard maple, but they’re around 25% less dense. Thanks to this, they’re easier to work with. So if you’re a beginner in woodworking, it’s best to partner your jigsaw with red and silver maples instead. Maples are perfect for showing off the exquisiteness of wood in your project too because they present curly, quilted, bird’s eye, fiddleback, swirl, and spalted figures.


The last one on our list is the planet’s choice for fine pieces of furniture. It boasts of its smooth texture and deep, vibrant hue. Mahogany is a tropical wood which is durable enough for outdoor and industrial use.


Quality mahogany used in making furniture hails from the Caribbean and South and Central America. Its color starts from pink, salmon, and red tones. As this wood ages, they turn into rich reds and browns. The grain of mahogany can either be straight or wavy with swirl, ribbon, quilted stripe figures. This makes mahogany easy to work with and perfect for woodworking tools, especially for your jigsaw. Mahogany from the Americas is recommended for various DIY projects because they’re easy to smoothen to a glassy finish.


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