Making Old Tree Stumps Look Good As New

old tree stump

Old tree stumps just left rotting away in your backyard? Why not make them look good as new?

Here are some things you can make from old tree stumps:

  • Table and Chairs. You’ll never have to worry about purchasing another expensive set of table and chairs for outdoor grill parties or when inviting your buddies over for drinks. All you need to do is use an old tree stump as base, put a large circular board on it, make sure that both are glued together well, and design it however you want. Add in chairs, which you can also make from old tree stumps. For this, you can either cut down an entire tree stump for an individual chair or cut one down into two halves and turning it over with the level surface facing downwards for a bench-like effect.

Looking to be more creative with an old tree stump? You need to have the right tools! Check out

  • Planter and Bird Bath. Making old tree stumps look good as new can be as simple as turning these into planters or birdbaths or even both in one stump. When making a planter, dig a hole in the middle of the tree stump until you reach the soil it was planted on, drill holes on its side for easy irrigation, fill the hole with more soil, plant flower seeds on it, and voila! When making a birdbath, use the old tree stump as base, put a small to medium circular basin (flat and ceramic) on it, make sure that both are glued together well, design it however you want, and fill it with clean water. When having both in one tree stump, follow the steps below.

– Make a planter, but without planting any flower seeds.

– Insert a bamboo stick in the middle (size and its tip must be enough to accommodate a small circular basin), secure it in place by making a tent-like structure (tying four strands of rope an inch before the stick’s tip, pulling it on the stump’s sides, and nailing it on the stump’s rim.

– Once you have secured the bamboo stick in place, make a birdbath on it.

– Plant flower seeds on the planter below and voila – you’ve got yourself both a planter and a birdbath in one tree stump!

Don’t let old tree stumps just left rotting away in your backyard. Make them look good as new now!

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